What's new in Cloudhouse release 1707

16/01/2019 Cliff Hobbs


Release 1707 is now available from Cloudhouse.

New features and fixes for the Auto Packager, and the Containers created by the Auto Packager. All changes detailed have been released throughout July 2017.

New Features In Containers

  • Enable applications that use Visual Studio 2008, and earlier, Runtimes to opt out of Data Execution Prevention (DEPOptOut) so that they can run on servers and desktops that have secure boot, and policies that enforce DEP.
  • Registry verification mode can be enabled in AppRegistry.xml, all writes to the registry will be verified missing or incorrect data will be re-written to the registry and a message will be logged. This only needs to be turned on when registry writes fail for unknown reason, most likely cause is an undiagnosed interop issue.

New Features In Auto Packager

  • EULA updated on the 31-07-2017
  • Able to browse all the file and folders included in the Container.
  • DEPOptOut added to the list of features available in XML files when the Container is created.
  • Registry validation configuration written to AppRegistry.xml, default is set to false edit RegistryOperations and set the ValidateWrite="true".


Cloudhouse recommends using the Auto Packager on x86 operating systems only, re-directions will not be created correctly for applications that contain a mix of x64 and x86 components. Containers will be created successfully for applications that contain only x64 components, but successful packaging on this platform requires detailed knowledge of the application before packaging.

Features in Upcoming Releases

See the Features in Upcoming Releases page for details of the features we have planned for feature releases of our products.

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