Checklist for Creating Compatibility Containers

04/10/2018 Stuart Moore

Please save a copy of this checklist to PDF, or to Cloudhouse  Confluence Space before you complete the checklist for a customer's  application.


End Customer:

Packaging SI/Partner:

Name of Packaging Personnel:

Application Name:

OS of Packaging VM inc. Service Packs:

Target OS VM inc. Service Packs:


To be complete by the customer before packaging starts:

  • Reference Application and VM
  • Packaging VM matches reference VM
  • Target OS Deployment VM
  • Created clean snapshot of Packaging VM for quick rollbacks
  • Created clean snapshot of Target OS Deployment VM for quick rollbacks
  • Installation media for Application including all required run times
  • Installation instructions for Application
  • .Net 4.0 Client Profile installed
  • Pre-requisites checked for Auto Packager
  • App installed on Packaging VM according to instructions 
  • Installation notes updated based upon actual steps taken to get app installed and working
  • App works on Packaging VM, and behaves as per Reference Application
  • Packaging VM rolled back to clean snapshot

Packaging starts here:

  • Installed Auto Packager
  • Created Container
  • Container works with app installed locally
  • App, and required child processes are all running under AAV
  • Exclusions added for any child processes that app does not want running under AAV
  • Container works with app installed locally
  • Packaging VM rolledback to clean snapshot
  • Container works on Packaging VM without app installed locally
  • App works, and required child processes are all running correctly under AAV, and correct processes have been excluded
  • Container deployed on Target OS 
  • Identify incompatibilities preventing app from running on Target OS
  • App works on Target OS
  • Target OS VM rolled back to clean state
  • Container deployed on Target OS VM
  • App works on Target OS VM
  • Ready for UAT

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