How to enable Container (AAV) logging

31/01/2018 Stuart Moore

Enabling full logging on AAV can help identify problems with  applications running in containers, logs will include details of  redirections being applied, 

Step-by-step guide

  1. To enable logging, open file AppAcceleratorV.clc
  2. If required, create the tag in the Configuration below, and set to Full, Error, None depending upon desired level of logging*
    <AAV LogExe="Full" LogDll="Full">
  3. The following logs will be created in %LocalAppData%\Cloudhouse\Logs, and on XP to %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Cloudhouse\Logs
    1. "LogExe" will log the parent process AppAcceleratorV to ReverseDate-Time-PID-AppAcceleratorV.log
    2. "LogDll" will log the child process(es), redirected by AAV, to ReverseDate-Time-ParentPID-PID-ExecutableName.log

Example file names


*Backwards compatibility

Use of PackageId to enable AAV logging is still supported, Cloudhouse recommend using the steps above for new Containers.

<AAV PackageId="thisismyid" LogExe="Full">

Applies To

Cloudhouse Containers

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