What's new in Cloudhouse release 1709

16/01/2019 Cliff Hobbs


Release 1709 is now available from Cloudhouse.

New features and fixes for the Auto Packager, and the Containers created by the Auto Packager. All changes detailed have been released throughout September 2017.

New Features In Containers

  • AAV supports Redirections using regular expression (Regex) pattern matching for files.
  • AAV is fully compatible with Windows App Certification Kit (WACK), all tests required for Windows 10 S pass.
  • Containers converted to UWP's Appx format, using the Desktop App Converter, will install and run on Windows 10 S.
  • Containers for Universal Windows Platform‍ can be published to and deployed from Windows Store for Business to Windows 10 and 10 S.
  • Containers for UWP can be deployed using Windows InTune.

Fixes in Containers

  • Cloudhouse.Container.Run.exe failed to create the registry, when the user launched the same application multiple times (simultaneous application launch); Run.exe waits for the other instances to finish.

Fixes in Auto Packager


Cloudhouse recommends using the Auto Packager on x86 operating systems only, re-directions will not be created correctly for applications that contain a mix of x64 and x86 components. Containers will be created successfully for applications that contain only x64 components, but successful packaging on this platform requires detailed knowledge of the application prior to packaging.

Features in Upcoming Releases

See the Features in Upcoming Releases page for details of the features we have planned for feature releases of our products.

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