Print issues on 64-Bit Windows

17/04/2019 Ryan Smith


Unable to print from an application in a 32-bit Container on 64-Bit Windows e.g. Windows 10.


The application in the 32-bit Container is unable to invoke the 64-Bit Print Spool process, splwow64.exe.


  • Replace the Container Runtimes with the 64 bit Runtimes found in the AutoPackager Folder (Cloudhouse AutoPackager\ContainerRuntimes64).
  •  The following files should be copied into the Container in order to update the Runtimes:
- AavLauncher32.exe
- AavLauncher64.exe
- AppAcceleratorV.exe
- AppAcceleratorV32.dll
- AppAcceleratorV64.dll
  • (Optional) Add an exclusion for the print spool service to AppAcceleratorV.clc 
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