How to exclude or detach a process from the Container's redirection rules (Exclude Detach)

19/09/2018 Stuart Moore   ID: 267086


The Excludes  feature is the preferred way to control the behaviour of the  Container's redirection and virtualization engine, it will prevent child  processes from being virtualized and redirected without affecting the  virtualization of the parent processes.

This  feature can be useful if the packaged application is spawning local  processes, from locally installed applications, that you do not want  redirected because the re-directions change the behaviour of the child  processes.

  1. Open AppAcceleratorV.clc
  2. Add the executable name into the Exclude section.


The Detaches  feature enables you to control the behaviour of the virtualization and  redirection engine, after the application has started the virtualization engine will exit after the initial create process function has  finished. All re-directions will and most virtualization features will  be available to the parent process that was started. Detach can be helpful when child processes do not exit clearnly, and terminate with an exception.


Container's virtualization and redirection engine will detach from the parent process once virtualization is completed, this means that child processes will not be virtualized and the parent process will no longer benefit from the following features even if they are enabled DEPOptOut or HandleInvalidHandle.

  1. Open AppAcceleratorV.clc
  2. Add the executable name into the Detach section.
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