How to exclude a process from redirection and compatibility features (ExcludeFeatures)

18/09/2018 Najath Hussain   ID: 267106

By default, features enabled in Container's redirection and  virtualization engine apply to ALL parent and child processes that are  started by the Container. The virtualization and redirection engine  possess granular control at the process level, this enables you to  select which features should NOT be applied to a named process so that  you can resolve compatibility issues that may be found between different  processes. For example, some processes may need NotWOW64Process, whilst other processes like Java.exe running in the Container may need to run as a WOW64 process in order to function.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Edit AppAcceleratorV.clc
  2. Add  the tags <ExcludeFeatures> and the  <ExcludeFeaturesByProcess>, specifying the process name and  feature you would like to exclude the process from, for example

  <ExcludeFeaturesByProcess ProcessName="java.exe">
  </ExcludeFeaturesByProcess >


The name of the process is case sensitive, and needs to be the process name in lower case. 

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