How to report back the application is running on a different OS

18/07/2018 Stuart Moore   ID: 325586

If an application requires a particular version of the operating system in order to run, it will query the operating system to ensure the expected version, build, service pack, or type (desktop or server type) is returned. Containers are able to intercept the API requests and return values specified in the AppAcceleratorV configuration file.

Step by Step

  1. Edit AppAcceleratorV.clc
  2. Uncomment the <Features>  </Features> tag, and create a feature tag for <Feature>ForceWindowsVersion</Feature>
  3. Specify the integer values for the Microsoft operating system you want the application to run on, remove any that aren't required.
  4. For ProductType you may specify Workstation, Server, DomainController. For example, to run a desktop application on a server OS, then specify the TYPE as Workstation.


Example Scenario

The application needs to run on Windows 7 and 10, however it fails to run because it checks that the OS is Windows XP, the application does not require a specific service pack to be present.



Known Limitations

This feature is not supported on Windows 7 x64.

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