Cloudhouse Compatibility Containers for Applications

12/08/2019 Cliff Hobbs   ID: 266723

Application to Operating System Compatibility Engine

Cloudhouse Compatibility Containers™ can overcome the following operating system (OS) dependencies:

App from Windows XP to Windows 10Yes, by default
App checks it is running on Windows XP and fails if it is Windows 10Yes, How to report back the application is running on a different OS
App from desktop to server OSYes, by default
16-Bit app to 32-Bit OSYes, by default
32-Bit app to 64-Bit OSYes, by default
64-Bit app to 64-Bit OSYes, by default
App depends on legacy Windows directory e.g. c:\WinNTYes, by default
App depends on environment variablesYes, by default
App depends on legacy run-times, e.g. Java, .net, msxml that should not be used by other applicationsYes, if the legacy run-time is included in the Container during packaging
App requires run-times that will conflict with natively installed appsYes, by default
App uses Visual Studio 2008 runtimes blocked by DEPYes, How to opt applications out of DEP (DEPOptOut)‍ 
App depends on hard coded paths etcYes, by default
Office 2003 Plugins to Office 2007 & 2016Yes, limited integration with Office Ribbon - contact for assistance
Apps depends upon IE 6,7,8,9,10 and needs to run with IE 11Yes, configuration required
Browser App uses deprecated JavaScript APIYes, How to configure Browser Compatibility for IE Containers‍ 
App uses fixed data location that cannot be sharedAdd custom re-directions for shared data
App requires Admin privileges to install or run can be converted to Least PrivilegeEnable Least Privilege
App uses global objects, limiting it to desktop OS, can run on server OS e.g. Citrix Virtual Apps (XenApp)How to isolate mutexes, events and semaphores

Compatibility Containers Support the following Application Features

App includes Side-by-SideConfigure SxS
App includes COM+, COMHow to resolve problems with out-of-process COM
App includes DCOM
App includes ServicesHow to enable application services in a Container (Service)
App includes DriversHow to Script Pre-Start and Post-Exit Tasks‍ 
Desktop app uses a single fixed IP or Port to restrict number of running instances to oneRedirect to new IP address or Port

Unsupported Applications

16-Bit application on 64-Bit OS64-Bit OS does not provide a 16-Bit run-time
Apps with 32-Bit shell extensions (or shell integration) for 32-Bit Windows Explorer64-Bit OS does not provide a 32-Bit Windows Explorer. Our team have found that some apps will work with a replacement Explorer
Driver is incompatible with target operating system, for example only a 32-Bit driver availableSupported drivers can be installed using script during Container deployment
Anti-Virus, Firewall, VPNPresence of kernel mode drivers
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