Machine Based Deployment

Select this option, when the Container needs to be deployed to all  the users of a machine, for example server based applications like  3-Tier applications or server based computing environments Citrix Virtual Apps (XenApp)  and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. 

The commands can be run  manually, or as part of a build script executed by the Administrator, or  3rd party electronic software deployment (ESD) tool. 

Machine Registration

Invoked with /deploytype machine, requires administrator rights to complete successfully.

  • Shortcuts specified in the shortcuts.xml will be registered for all users of the machine.
    • Shortcuts with a path in the user desktop or start menu will be translated to the equivalent of the all users directory.
  • File type associations specified in the FileAssociation.xml files will be created in HKLM.
  • If the /deploydir is provided then the Container is copied to the folder specified.

To Run the deployment tool, use the following steps:

  1. Run CMD
  2. From the Console run the command, or script containing the command, to deploy the Container into c:\Program Files


c:\Containers\ERP-Container-v2\Cloudhouse.Containers.Deployment.Exe /acceptEULA /deploydir "c:\Program Files" /deploytype machine

The command can deploy Containers from a UNC file share

\\share\containers\ERP-Container-v2\Cloudhouse.Containers.Deployment.exe /acceptEULA /deploydir "c:\Program Files" /deploytype machine
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