User Based Deployment

Select this option, when the Container needs to be deployed to only a  single user on a desktop, or server, for example physical or virtual  desktop, laptop. 

The command can be run manually, as part of a  build deployment script, or 3rd party electronic software deployment  (ESD) tool that is running the in the context of the currently logged on  user. 

User Registration

For user based deployment specify /deploytype user, the application will install without administrator rights and register for the current user only.

  • Shortcuts specified in the shortcuts.xml for the current user only.
    • Shortcuts  with a path in the All users desktop or All users start menu will be  translated to the equivalent of the user's directory.
  • File type associations specified in the FileAssociation.xml files will be created in HKCU.
  • If the /deploydir is provided then the Container is copied to the folder specified.

The  following commands can be run manually, or as part of a build script  executed by the user, or 3rd party electronic software deployment (ESD)  tool as a logged on user. The deployment executable takes  the following argument /deploydir to specify the desired install location. To Run the deployment tool, use the following steps:

  1. Run CMD
  2. From the Console run the command, or create a script


c:\>Containers\ERP-Container-v2\Cloudhouse.Containers.Deployment.Exe /acceptEULA /deploydir "c:\Program Files" /deploytype user

The command can be run from an UNC file share

c:\>\\share\containers\ERP-Container-v2\Cloudhouse.Containers.Deployment.exe /acceptEULA /deploydir "c:\Program Files" /deploytype user
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