Shared Deployments - Running Containers From File Shares (Deploy without Container Copy)

When the deployment executable is run with /shared switch, shortcuts and file type associations will be created and  registered to the Container's current directory, this can be a directory on the local computer, or a remote file share. Containers deployed in  this configuration, run in "shared" mode where the same Container folder is used as the source for multiple servers or desktops. Storing Containers on a file share and deploying them in this way means the  Container can be used in non-persistent server or desktop environments because it avoid installing the application into the base image.  Cloudhouse recommend having a copy of the Container per server, or for a  limited number of desktop users and making use of storage de-duplication technologies to minimize the amount of storage used. 

When the Container is already on the local server or desktop, then deploying with /shared can be used to avoid copying the contents of the Containers again which is ideal for quickly testing the application.


  • Based  on deployment type [ machine | user ], the shortcuts specified in the  shortcuts.xml will be registered for the specific user(s).
  • Based on deployment type [ machine | user ], file type associations specified in the FileAssociation.xml files will be created in HKLM or HKCU.
  • The Container's source files will not be  deployed to the target machine, and will run from the current location  of the Container, either from the file share or local directory.
  • The usage token cannot be encrypted on the fileshare, which is why the /noprotect command is required in order to deploy the Container.

To register a Container stored on a file share with the server or desktop.


\\share\containers\container-name\Cloudhouse.Containers.Deployment.exe /shared /deploytype [ machine | user ] [/tokenlocation c:\path\to\token\outside\container]

The token is expected to be in the Container, unless the path to the token is specified with /tokenlocation; the path can be a local path or a UNC share. The user deploying the Container must be able to read from the token location. 

Deprecated in Cloudhouse.Container.Deployment (4.5.1807.555)

The option /noprotect has been deprecated.

Defaulting to shared deployment when a /deploydir is not provided has been deprecated, required to provide the new /shared option.

By default, when the container source is stored on the shared location the shortcuts will not have access to shared icons.

Icons and Network Shares

Icons  will not be displayed if the Container is on a remote path, for example  a UNC file share, create and apply a Group Policy to enable use of  remote paths in shortcut icons:

gpedit.msc -> Computer  Configuration -> Administrative Templates ->Windows Components  -> File Explorer -> Allow the use of remote paths in file shortcut  icons -> Enable.

Save and Apply the GroupPolicy.


When the uninstall command is run, the Container's source files will not be deleted.

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