Deployment and Usage Event Reporting

Deployment Event Reporting

A  deployment reporting event is recorded each time the Cloudhouse.Container.Deployment.exe is triggered, whether it is by  command line, script or deployment tool. 

The path to the reporting  location is provided on the command line when the Container is deployed, refer to Deploying Containers for details. The reporting location is recorded in the server, or desktop's  registry and not within the Container's configuration, so that the same Container can be deployed to different servers and desktops and report usage to different data stores.

Deploytype will be either machine or user.

Event types will be either deploy or uninstall.

Gold Images

If the Container is deployed into a Gold Image, and machines are created from the Gold Image, then only a single deployment event will be recorded.

Usage Event Reporting

A  usage reporting event is recorded each time the  Cloudhouse.Container.Run.exe is triggered, whether it is by the command  line, a script, or a short cut on the user's desktop. The Run executable  logs usage asynchronously, so that usage reporting does not delay the  application from starting. User and machine name information is hashed,  so that no user, or machine identifiable information is visible in the  licensing data submitted to Cloudhouse.

Event type will be either start or stop. Stop events will include the application terminating unexpectedly.

Concurrent Usage

For  licensing based upon Concurrent Usage (CCU) model, calculations will be  based upon the number of users of the application within 15 min intervals.

Data Recorded

Filename is hash of User and Machine name, after special characters have been removed.

The CSV format is

UTC_TimeStamp, UsageId, PackageId, Event, Operating_System, CPU_Core_Count, Deploytype, UserSidHash, MachineSidHash
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