How to enable application services in a Container (Service)

25/09/2017 Stuart Moore

The Auto Packager does not configure support for services  automatically, when packaging an application that includes a service, a  run action must be configured in a Run Condition within the programs.xml

  1. Open AppAcceleratorV.clc
  2. Add the Service feature

  3. Open Programs.xml
  4. Add a new program and adjust the arguments to point to the executable.
  5. Set the RunCondition as Always.

    <Program ProgramOrder="1">
      <Args>/f %DefaultDir%\ProgData\Service.exe</Args>

Service APIs Hooked

  • StartServiceCtrlDispatcherA
  • StartServiceCtrlDispatcherW
  • SetServiceStatus
  • OpenSCManagerA
  • OpenSCManagerW
  • OpenServiceA
  • OpenServiceW
  • CloseServiceHandle
  • StartServiceA
  • StartServiceW
  • QueryServiceConfigA
  • QueryServiceConfigW
  • RegisterServiceCtrlHandlerA
  • RegisterServiceCtrlHandlerW
  • RegisterServiceCtrlHandlerExA
  • RegisterServiceCtrlHandlerExW
  • QueryServiceStatus
  • QueryServiceStatusEx
  • ControlService
  • GetServiceDisplayNameA
  • GetServiceDisplayNameW

Applies To

Cloudhouse Containers

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