Deprecated - How to debug app compatibility problems using kernel objects (HookKernelObjects)

09/10/2018 Stuart Moore


As of AppAcceleratorV, the feature HookKernelObjects is no longer supported. AppAcceleratorV provides all the required hooks by default.

To help diagnose problems with application compatibility, the  Container engine provides full logging for the kernel objects detailed  in the Hooked APIs info box below. This information is not available in  ProcMon, and enabling this feature means that additional tools like  APIMon are not required. Enable the HookKernelObjects feature switch in  AppAcceleratorV.clc.

Please note, redirection rules are not applied to these APIs.

Hooked APIs

  • CreateFileMappingA
  • CreateFileMappingW
  • OpenFileMappingA
  • OpenFileMappingW
  • CreateMutexA
  • CreateMutexW
  • CreateMutexExA
  • CreateMutexExW
  • OpenMutexA
  • OpenMutexW
  • CreateEventA
  • CreateEventW
  • CreateEventExA
  • CreateEventExW
  • OpenEventA
  • OpenEventW
  • CreateSemaphoreExA
  • CreateSemaphoreExW
  • OpenSemaphoreA
  • OpenSemaphoreW

Step-by-step guide

  1. To enable kernal logging, open file AppAcceleratorV.clc.
  2.  Modify the <AAV tag to include LogExe and specify "Full".
  3. Uncomment the HookKernalObjects feature.
<AAV LogExe="Full" LogDll="Full">

Applies To

Cloudhouse Containers pre AppAcceleratorV

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