What's new in Cloudhouse release 1905

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Applies to: AppAcceleratorV, Cloudhouse Auto Packager, Container Editor, Cloudhouse Compatibility Containers

21/06/2019 Cliff Hobbs   ID: 390925


Release 1905 is now available from Cloudhouse.

This topic details the new features and fixes for the AppAcceleratorV, Cloudhouse Auto Packager, Container Editor, and the Cloudhouse Compatibility Containers™ they create released throughout May 2019.

Any components that have changed this month are version 4.6.1905.nnnn



AppAcceleratorV 4.6.1905.23557 (released 17th May 2019)

  • The /defaultlog option is no longer displayed on the /help screen as it is no longer valid.
  • Office 2016 no longer crashes when virtualised using HookMe.dll.
  • The full path of the HANDLE used to open the child registry entry is now decoded.
  • HookMe log file is now present in %localappdata%

Auto Packager

New Features

Auto Packager 4.6.1905.24143 (released 17th May 2019)

  • Based on our experience of issues in virtualising the Splwow64.exe process (which is used to translate the driver model of a 64-bit operating system and a 32-bit program), this process is now automatically excluded in any Containers built by this and later versions of the Auto Packager.

Cloudhouse Containers

New Features

4.6.1905.1312 (released 17th May 2019)

  • Deploying a Container refreshes the windows icon cache.
  • The /uninstall and /force flags can be used to remove any components of a failed Container deployment.
  • We now support pre-install and post-install as well as pre-uninstall and post-uninstall script actions


4.6.1905.1312 (released 17th May 2019)

  • Services timeout when deploying a Container has been increased.
  • NullReferenceException caused on Windows XP by deploying a service without specifying a LogOnAs string.

Container Editor

New Features

4.6.1905.1009 (released 17th May 2019)

  • A red warning triangle highlights missing components.


4.6.1905.1009 (released 17th May 2019)

  • Container Editor now allows the Usage EXE to be updated to a later version in the same way as the Deployment and Run EXEs

Discovery Tool

New Features

1.0.1905.73 (released 17th May 2019)

  • The Discovery Tool download now includes the exclusions list.


1.0.1905.73 (released 17th May 2019)

  • The stack trace is no longer shown in the console if the tool crashes.


Advisory 1

The Container Editor should only be used to update applications, file, and registry redirections on the same architecture the original Container is created on. For example, if the Container was created on an x86 machine, then the Container Editor must be run on an x86 machine to update the Container.

Anti-Virus Advisory

Remove any Runx.exe files (where “x” is a number), from the Container before deploying it. These files are only required if you need to create Universal Windows Platform (UWP)/MSIX packages of the Container. Anti-virus and malware scanners may flag these files as malware as they are unsigned and designed to run other executables.

Features in Upcoming Releases

See Planned features for future Cloudhouse releases for details of the features we have planned for future releases of our products.

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