An Overview of Cloudhouse Alchemy

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14/12/2022 Cliff Hobbs   ID: 1291369

Cloudhouse Alchemy allows you to migrate legacy, incompatible applications to modern Windows platforms running on the desktop, server and Cloud. All without coding or redevelopment.

Typical Business Scenarios

Some typical business scenarios Alchemy can help you with are:

  • Moving applications to modern platforms
  • Accelerating your migration to Windows 10 or 11
  • Preparing applications for the Cloud.
  • Migrating 2003/2008 server workloads.
  • Simplifying Windows and Citrix Platform upgrades.

All whilst avoiding any code changes, refactoring, or recoding.

How it Works

At a high level, Cloudhouse Alchemy works as follows.

First, the Auto Packager is installed on the computer running an operating system supported by the application to be packaged into an Alchemy Compatibility Package.

The Auto Packager then scans the file system and registry to create a snapshot of the computer before the application is installed.

Next, the application is installed and run.

Once the application has been installed and run, the Auto Packager re-scans the file system and registry to detect any changes.

The differences between the pre and post scans are then used to create a Compatibility Package.



The Compatibility Package does not include the legacy operating system.

The Compatibility Package can then be deployed and run on the new operating system.  

When it runs on the new operating system, the Compatibility Package intercepts any Windows API calls as the application interacts with the operating system, returning the resources expected by the application regardless of the platform

As the application running within the Compatibility Package runs in isolation, older versions of runtimes can only be accessed by the packaged application.

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