Frequently Asked Questions for Server Apps

27/11/2019 Cliff Hobbs   ID: 299327


Are you able to create Containers for applications where there is no media?

Yes - please contact Cloudhouse Sales and Pre-Sales Consultant for further details.

Server Names

What happens if my application architecture depends on a fixed server name?

If required, Cloudhouse Containers can redirect network APIs, ports and IP addresses to overcome an application's dependencies on specific network addresses and names, for example, you need the application to communicate with a different server name even though it is hardcoded to communicate with a different name.  Please contact Professional Services representative for details.


Do Containers support databases, for example SQL Server and Oracle?

Yes - databases and database applications can be packaged into Containers, including SQL Server 2005. Database applications can be packaged into an application, packaging the database into a Container is optional - customers can continue to run the database itself natively. Connections from an application in containers to a remote database, or connections from applications to a remote database in a Container are not affected.

Server Operations

What provisions do I need to make in maintenance schedules, reboot and patching procedures?

None, Containers require no change to reboot procedures or maintenance schedules. The application receives the OS shutdown request as normal, and the application shuts down gracefully before the server reboots as part of maintenance reboot, or operating hot fix, service patch or update.

Monitoring Applications in Containers

Server-based applications running in Containers can be monitored with the same monitoring tools used to monitor natively installed application e.g.  BMC or SCOM will see exactly the same process names used by the application, the process will appear as a child process of AppAcceleratorV.exe.

Business Continuity

Do Cloudhouse Containers affect an application's provision for High Availability or Disaster Recovery?

No, Containers do not impact HA or DR design, planning or architecture - the application continues to function in exactly the same way as the natively installed application, and tools like VMware's Site Recovery Manager continue to operate without requiring changes to their plans.

Considerations for data backup and archiving

There is zero impact on backup and archiving schedules, or implementation, for applications or their dependent databases. Cloudhouse recommends Containers are backed up so that they can be recovered in the event of server failure.

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