What's new in Cloudhouse release 1706

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Applies to: AppAcceleratorV, Auto Packager, and Cloudhouse Containers

30/09/2022 Cliff Hobbs   ID: 266754


Release 1706 is now available from Cloudhouse.

New features and fixes for the Auto Packager, and the Cloudhouse Compatibility Containers™ created by the Auto Packager. All changes detailed have been released throughout June 2017.

New Features in AppAcceleratorV (released 29th June 2017):

New Features In Containers (released 6th June 2017):

  • PowerShell script AutoPackagerCLI.ps1 accepts command line arguments and generates an XML config file for AutoPackager.exe

Fixes in Containers (released 6th June 2017):

  • Deployment Tool handles --FileArgs with spaces correctly.

New Features In Auto Packager (released 20th June 2017):

  • Auto Packager asks the user to accept the Cloudhouse EULA before downloading and installing updates, the switch /acceptEula can be used on the command line.
  • Auto Packager controls in the main window are now disabled when the 'Files not captured dialogue' is presented to the user.

Fixes in Auto Packager (released 20th June 2017):

  • Auto Packager uses escape characters correctly when creating File Type Associations. (released 29th June 2017):

  • User will be asked to accept EULA if they have copied Auto Packager to another machine e.g. via USB or network.


Cloudhouse recommends using the Auto Packager on x86 operating systems only,  re-directions will not be created correctly for applications that contain a mix of x64 and x86 components. Containers will be created successfully for applications that contain only x64 components, but successful packaging on this platform requires detailed knowledge of the application prior to packaging.

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