What's new in Cloudhouse release 1801

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Applies to: AppAcceleratorV, Auto Packager, Cloudhouse Containers, and Container Editor

27/09/2021 Cliff Hobbs   ID: 293997

Release 1801 is available.

This article summarises the changes and new features in Cloudhouse release 1801.

Fixes in AppAcceleratorV (released 9th January 2018):

  • Hooked CryptVerify signature check performed by AAV no longer defaults to TRUE, the signature is always checked for an application's files.
  • Registry getSid function could fail to return the correct Sid.
  • Registry Redirection no longer assumes the registry path has a virtual root; the path is always checked to see if it contains a virtual root. (released 18th January 2018):

  • "ERROR, AAV INTERNAL, Stack overflow in (pid_number)Application.exe; are your static buffers too big?"appears in the logs, after the following message is repeated because AAV fails to recognize an opcode.
    • INFO, AAV INTERNAL, Loaded dll at 00007FFCA7DC0000. Name "binding.node"; 0 functions of interest. In process (5296)Teams.exe
      INFO, AAV INTERNAL, Hooking ole32.dll!CoRegisterClassObject purple to 00007FFC95347BF0
      INFO, AAV INTERNAL, Opcode 0x61 not implemented yet at 00007FFCB85DEC75
      INFO, AAV INTERNAL, Cannot hook ole32.dll!CoRegisterClassObject, only 0 bytes available to be overwritten

New Features in the Container Editor (released 9th January 2018):

  • Supports exclusion rules for the Registry.
  • Container Editor - Able to encode and decode Registry data when creating snapshots.
  • Reports usage and support Telemetry, the default is True. (released 16th January 2018):

  • Provides tooltips, legends and workflow optimizations to remove unnecessary clicks during the update process.
  • Provides a context menu to delete registry items from the Container. 
  • Speed up registry delete operations. (released 25th January 2018):

  • Undo / redo operations for the Registry.
  • Registry key serializing to invalid XML, and caused the Editor and Container to crash in two places when reading the keys with special characters.

Fixes in the Container Editor (released 9th January 2018):

  • Including an inaccessible folder will no longer crash the Editor.
  • When the Container is merged with an empty snapshot, the user was unable to save the Container, or undo their changes.
  • Consistent use of "Container" throughout UI, improved instructional text and UI controls; buttons changed from "Build the Container" to "Save", "Update with snapshot" to "Update". (released 16th January 2018):

  • Deleting a key, and then re-adding it, will show two different entries merged with a new key. (released 18th January 2018):

  • Do not display semaphores for empty Registry keys that have no child keys. (released 25th January 2018):

  • Encode special characters in Registry value names. (released 30th January 2018):

  • Unable to build the Container, error message  "System.InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains no matching element", after all registry entries under HKCU and HKLM in the Container snapshot have been deleted.
  • Editor gives an 'Invalid cast exception' when capturing a binary value in the Registry, logs ERROR Cloudhouse.Packager.Editor.Core.Containers.Registry.OperationBuilder - Could not serialize value: "" for key 

New Features in Containers (released 18th January 2018):

  • Deployment scripts perform the Container copy action first so that deployment scripts XML can reference content included in the Container during deployment e.g. MSIs, driver files.

Fixes in Auto Packager (released 9th January 2018):

  • No longer fails to perform a runtime capture because the default log location was changed. (released 16th January 2018):

  • If the application requires a restart during the capture process, restarting the Auto Packager via the shortcut will not cause the shortcut to be included in the Container. (released 30th January 2018):

  • Failed to handle short paths 8.3 correctly in AppRegistry.xml and FileAssociations.xml, causing the application to fail to run - short paths are now converted to full paths during Container creation.


Cloudhouse recommends using the Auto Packager on x86 operating systems only, re-directions will not be created correctly for applications that contain a mix of x64 and x86 components. Containers will be created successfully for applications that contain only x64 components, but successful packaging on this platform requires detailed knowledge of the application prior to packaging.

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