What's new in Cloudhouse release 1811

27/09/2021 Cliff Hobbs   ID: 348221

Release 1811 is available.

This article summarises the changes and new features in Cloudhouse release 1811 (version 4.5.1811.nnnn).

New Features In Containers

  • AppAcceleratorV (4.5.1810.22916) - To aid troubleshooting and debugging, AppAcceleratorV can be configured to suspend a process and then detach itself immediately after the process has been hooked. Refer to Suspend an application process to attach a debugger for more information.‍ 
  • AppAcceleratorV (4.5.1811.22981) - Added timestamp to log file lines.
  • Container (4.5.1811.838) - Container now compiled targeting AnyCpu. %ProgramFiles% will evaluate to "C:\Program Files\" rather than "C:\Program Files (x86)\" on an x64 operating system.
  • Container (4.5.1811.879) - Services are deployed from the Services.xml configuration file in the Container
  • Container (4.5.1811.900) - Services can be deployed with configurable Startup, Logon user (only service accounts), and Failure conditions.

Fixes in Containers

  • AppAcceleratorV (4.5.1810.22916) - Relative paths are now supported by the hookme.dll
  • Container  (4.5.1811.838) - COM deployment now writes the correct path to AppAcceleratorV.exe when deploying out of process COM servers.

New Features In Auto Packager

  • Auto Packager (4.5.1811.23529) - Services.xml is automatically generated when new services are created during the captured installation.

Fixes in Auto Packager

  • Auto Packager (4.5.1811.23475) - Command line arguments are passed to the program specified in the Run element so that the program started under AppAcceleratorV starts with the correct command line arguments; only /cfg= is passed to AppAcceleratorV.
  • Auto Packager (4.5.1811.23480) - AAV config template in Redirections.xml and AppAcceleratorV.clc now match.
  • Editor (4.5.1811.951) - Fixed crash on x86 operating systems caused by loading x64 7z.dll


Advisory 1

The Container Editor should only be used to update applications, file, and registry redirections on the same architecture the original Container was created on. For example, if the Container was created on an x86 machine, then the Container Editor must be run on an x86 machine to update the Container.

Anti-Virus Advisory

Remove any Runx.exe files (where “x” is a number), from the Container before deploying it. These files are only required if you need to create Universal Windows Platform (UWP)/MSIX packages of the Container. Anti-virus and malware scanners may flag these files as malware as they are unsigned and designed to run other executables.

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