Uninstalling Containers

Uninstalling a Container will remove all of the Container's files, shortcuts, file type associations, and registry keys. Any files in use that cannot be deleted will be marked for deletion at the next reboot. After the reboot, Windows will remove these files along with the registry configuration for Out of Process COM virtualisation.

For Machine deployments, the uninstall must be run using an Administrator account. The /deploytype command-line switch must be specified for users; the default option is to uninstall Machine deployments.

To uninstall a Container:

  1. Run CMD
  2. At the command-line run:


C:\<path_to_container>\Cloudhouse.Container.Deployment.Exe /<switches> [user | machine]

where <path_to_container> is the path to the Container you wish to uninstall, and <switches> are the relevant command-line switches you wish to specify.

For example: 

C:\Containers\Cloudhouse.Container.Deployment.Exe /Uninstall /deploytype [user | machine]

Deploy without Copy

Uninstall will not remove the Container when it has been deployed without copy.

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