Release v0.2451.0

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Minor incremental update with bug fixes and performance improvement to website, platform, connection manager and Hannah components.

14/12/2022 Cliff Hobbs   ID: 905032

Website v2.45.1


  • The alternate password field for Cisco nodes may now be set to an empty password (SEC-2935).
  • Invites are no longer required when LDAP is enabled for single-organization appliances (SEC-2337).
  • Added AWS S3 as a node type (SEC-3116).
  • Added S3 bucket discovery (SEC-2963).
  • Diff reports for large node groups can now be set to run on a scheduled basis (supplants group diff policies in such scenarios) (SEC-2991).
  • Initial release of Procedures feature (Various).

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed scroll bar issues when viewing nodes in IE 11 (SEC-3001).
  • Fixed issue where the change report API would show changes 1 day late (SEC-3363).
  • CIS CSV export button is now visible in the UI once again (SEC-3365).

Platform v1.9.84

Fixed Issues

  • Created mount for vulnerability updates to prevent an issue where updates would continuously grow without bound.
  • Implemented garbage collection mechanism for vulnerability updates.

Windows Connection Manager v4.8.19

Fixed Issues

  • Set default worker recycle interval value to 1 hour (WIN-256).
  • Wait until end of recycle interval to start new worker process (WIN-257).

SSH Connection Manager v4.8.5


  • Allow configurable hostname with nmap scan option (GOAT-319).
  • Added minimal z/OS blueprint (GOAT-140).
  • S3 bucket blueprint (GOAT-314).

Fixed Issues

  • Cisco CIS fixes (GOAT-311, GOAT-312, GOAT-313).
  • Juniper blueprint fixes (GOAT-308).
  • Resolve bug bounty root elevation on CM issue (GOAT-315).

Hannah v1.2.1

Fixed Issues

  • Added configuration to allow hannah to be deployed as part of fleet appliances (updated boot script) (APAC-109).
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