List of Cloudhouse Container Log File Categories and Subcategories

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Applies to: Cloudhouse Containers

20/07/2020 Cliff Hobbs   ID: 382632


The 1903 release introduced the concept of categories and subcategories to AAV logs created for child processes. Using a text viewer (such as Visual Code, Notepad++, etc.), the logs can now be searched to find any entries relating just to a specific category/subcategory which eases troubleshooting. 


See the How to search for a Category/Subcategory in an AAV Log article for details of how to search an AAV log for a specific category/subcategory.

List of Current Log File Categories/Subcategories

The following is the current list of categories/subcategories you may see in an AAV log created for child processes (for example 20190425-113000-000600-002820-MyApp.log).

The category is text before the dash (-) and the subcategory is the text after the dash (-). For example, in the case of the Com entries in the table below:

  • The category is Com
  • The subcategories are:
    • Virtualized
    • NotVirtualized
Category Subcategories
AAV None
Com Virtualized, NotVirtualized
CorExeMain None
Debugger None
Event Redirected, NotRedirected
File Redirected, NotRedirected
FileMapping Redirected, NotRedirected
Inject Redirected, NotRedirected
LoadLibrary Redirected, NotRedirected
Mutex Redirected, NotRedirected
Network Redirected, NotRedirected
Printing None
Process Redirected, NotRedirected
RegexRules Redirected, NotRedirected
Registry None
RegistryKey None
Semaphore Redirected, NotRedirected
Service None
Shell Redirected, NotRedirected
SQL Redirected
Version Redirected
Windows None
WindowsVersion None
WinVerify WinVerify-Redirected
Wow64 Redirected, NotRedirected

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