Application running under AAV crashes with Stack Overflow Exception Code if the McAfee Exploit Protection Feature is enabled

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Applies to: Cloudhouse Application Compatibility Packages/Containers

23/07/2020 Cliff Hobbs   ID: 608109


This is a known issue whose impact we are assessing to determine the number of affected customers and potential fixes.


If you are encountering this problem, please contact your Cloudhouse Partner in the first instance (if relevant), or Cloudhouse Support for further assistance.

To work around this issue, create an exclusion in McAfee Exploit Protection to prevent the application from crashing as detailed here:


When you try to run an application under AAV, it crashes with the following error in the AAV log:

6784, 6608, ERROR, AAV INTERNAL, Stack overflow in w3wp.exe; are your static buffers too big?

If you are running a Windows service under AAV, it will start then suddenly stop.


See Where does AAV create its Logs? for further details on AAV logging.

In the Windows Application Event Log, the following error is logged:

Event ID 1000 Source: Application Error and contain text in message Exception code: 0xc00000fdOO

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