"ERROR Cloudhouse.Container.Deployment.Program - Exiting with code: -2" when deploying an Application Compatibility Package/Compatibility Container

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Applies to: Cloudhouse Application Compatibility Packages/Compatibility Containers

29/05/2020 Cliff Hobbs   ID: 267115


To fix this issue first make sure you are running the Deployment command from the root folder of the ACP and not the parent level folder containing the capture files and the ACP.

For example, the ACP folder in this example is the folder location 1; not 2, which is where the command was run from.


The ACP folder (which is where you should be running Cloudhouse.Container.Deployment.exe from), is the one that contains the Cloudhouse executables and the chmetadata.json file.

Once you have located the ACPs folder, change to it and retry the deployment.

If the chmetadata.json is missing, restore the ACP from backup or recreate the Container.

If you still encounter problems, please contact your Cloudhouse Partner in the first instance (if relevant), otherwise contact Cloudhouse Support for further assistance.


When trying to deploy a Cloudhouse Application Compatibility Package (also known as a Cloudhouse Compatibility Container™), I get the following error:

Cloudhouse.Container.Deployment.Program - Tool version 4.6.2004.1971
ERROR Cloudhouse.Container.Deployment.Program - Failed:
Cloudhouse.Container.Core.Exceptions.ConfigurationFileNotFoundException: Package metadata file C:\ProgramData\chocolatey\lib\autopackager\Tools\ContainerEditor\chmetadata.json is not found in package directory.
   at Cloudhouse.Container.Core.PackageMetadataFile.Parse(String path)
   at Cloudhouse.Container.Core.PackageDirectory..ctor(String path)
   at Cloudhouse.Container.Deployment.DeploymentCommandFactory.Deploy()
   at Cloudhouse.Container.Deployment.Program.Main(String[] args)
Cloudhouse.Container.Deployment.Program - Exiting with code: -2

I've checked the chmetadata.json file is there.


The Cloudhouse.Container.Deployment.exe is unable to find the chmetadata.json which should be in the root of the Application Compatibility Package (ACP) you are trying to deploy.

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