Error "System.IO.IOException: Usage location: "c:\vlcusage" does not exist"

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Applies to: Cloudhouse Application Compatibility Packages/Compatibility Containers

29/05/2020 Cliff Hobbs   ID: 399476


If you are going to use the /UsageLocation switch, make sure the folder specified exists BEFORE deploying the Container; otherwise, you will see this error.

Deploying a Container will not automatically create the usage folder.


I am trying to deploy a Container using the command:

Cloudhouse.Container.Deployment.exe /deploydir c:\VLCContainer /accepteula /UsageLocation c:\vlcusage

However, the Container fails to deploy, and if I look in the DeploymentWorkflowLog.txt log I see the following:

INFO  Cloudhouse.Container.Deployment.Program - Tool version 4.6.1906.1328
ERROR Cloudhouse.Container.Deployment.Program - Failed: 
System.IO.IOException: Usage location: "c:\vlcusage" does not exist
   at Cloudhouse.Container.Core.Steps.AssertUsageLocationValid.Execute(DeploymentTarget deploymentTarget)
   at Cloudhouse.Container.Core.DeploymentWorkflow.Run(DeploymentTarget deploymentTarget)
   at Cloudhouse.Container.Deployment.Program.Main(String[] args)
ERROR Cloudhouse.Container.Deployment.Program - Exiting with code: -1


The folder specified for the /UsageLocation switch (c:\vlcusage in our example), does not exist.

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