How to change the log directories for Containers

20/07/2020 Cliff Hobbs   ID: 339374

By default, the Container's Deployment, Run, and Usage executables log to text files within the current working directory. Containers can be configured to log any relative or absolute directory, or a directory based upon environment varibables.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open Cloudhouse.Container.Deployment.exe.config, Cloudhouse.Container.Run.exe.config and Cloudhouse.Container.Usage.exe.config in the Container folder.
  2. Locate the <file> element and prepend the directory's path to the name of the file specified for the attribute value

Example - Fully Qualified File Path

To write to c:\temp\cloudhouse\RunWorkflowLog.txt, change the value to

<file value="C:\\temp\\Cloudhouse/RunWorkflowLog.txt" />

Example - Relative Path

To write to a log directory relative to the current directory, for example ..\Logs\Container, change the value to

<file value="..\\Logs\\Container/RunWorkflowLog.txt" />

Example - Using Environment Variables

To write to the user's local app data use ${APPDATA}, or other environment variable

<file value="${PROGRAMDATA}\Cloudhouse\RunWorkflowLog.txt" />

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