What's new in Cloudhouse release 1807

12/08/2019 Cliff Hobbs   ID: 325592


Release 1807 is now available from Cloudhouse.

New features and fixes for the Auto Packager, Editor and the Cloudhouse Compatibility Containers™ they create. All changes detailed have been released throughout July 2018. Components that change this month will have a version of 4.5.1807.nnnn

New Features In Containers

  • AppAccelerator (4.5.1807.22781) - <Feature>COMVirtualization</Feature> compatibility Feature supports out of process COM for Microsoft Office applications.
  • AppAccelerator (4.5.1807.22781) - <Feature>ForceWindowsVersion</Feature> compatibility Feature enables the Container to report back a different operating system than the one that it is actually running on. For example, the application can be fooled to believe it is running on Windows XP when it is in fact running on Windows 10. See How to report back application is running on a different OS for details.
  • Cloudhouse.Container.Usage.exe (4.5.1807.555) - /update can reconfigure a deployed Container to switch from file share reporting (/usagelocation) to HTTPS Reporting and vice-versa. See Update Deployed Containers for details. 

Fixes in Containers

  • AppAccelerator (4.5.1807.22781) - The <Feature>NotWow64Process</Feature> compatibility Feature works reliably on all Windows 10 builds.
  • AppAccelerator (4.5.1807.22781) - Fixed QueryDirectory API which failed to resolve %DefaultDir% to exact match redirection.
  • AppAccelerator (4.5.1807.22781) - Network Port and IP redirections feature reliability issues have been resolved and the feature has been re-enabled.
  • AppAccelerator (4.5.1807.22781) - AppAcceleratorV process fails to start on Windows Server 2003 x64 because it attempts to import a Vista+ function.

New Features In Auto Packager

  • Container.Editor (4.5.1807.829) - When editing a Container, the Editor notifies you if there are new Cloudhouse components available. 
  • Container.Editor (4.5.1807.829) - Containers can be updated to use the latest Cloudhouse components, simply select the 'Details' tab and select the new version to perform the update and apply the latest components to the Container - AppAcceleratorV components can be rolled back; See Updating, Editing and Maintaining Containers for details.‍ 

Note: Containers created with versions of the Auto Packager prior to December 2017 will need a copy of EULA.html to be manually copied from the Auto Packager's root directory into the root director of the Container. Cloudhouse.Container.Deploy.exe command will need to be updated with /AcceptEULA.

Fixes in Auto Packager

  • Auto Packager (4.5.1807.23259) and Container.Editor (4.5.1807.829) - Adding HTTPS Reporting Tokens on Windows XP and Server 2003 fails with the following exception in the reporting event: "The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send. at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()"

Deprecated or Removed Commands

  • Cloudhouse.Container.Deployment.exe (4.5.1807.555) no longer supports the /noprotect command line option which has been removed and replaced with the /tokenlocation which takes a path to the reporting token. The token can be stored on an admin secured file share for shared deployments.


Cloudhouse recommends using the Auto Packager on x86 operating systems only, re-directions will not be created correctly for applications that contain a mix of x64 and x86 components. Containers will be created successfully for applications that contain only x64 components, but successful packaging on this platform requires detailed knowledge of the application prior to packaging.

Features in Upcoming Releases

See Planned features for future Cloudhouse releases for details of the features we have planned for future releases of our products.

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