What's new in Cloudhouse release 1907

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Applies to: AppAcceleratorV, Packager, Container Editor, Cloudhouse Containers

27/09/2021 Cliff Hobbs   ID: 407394

This article summarises the changes and new features in Cloudhouse release 1907 (component version 4.6.1907.nnnn).



AppAcceleratorV 4.6.1907.23780 (released 15th July 2019)

  • Fixed a security hole when IPV6 is used with the hooked network APIs.

Auto Packager

New Features

Auto Packager 4.6.1907.24560 (released 15th July 2019)

  • Removed the Telemetry reporting mechanism from the Packager.
  • Removed the optional Description field on the Package page of the Packager as research shows it is not used.
  • You are no longer required to select an item from the Run dropdown on the Package page of the Packager.
  • Service paths using "/" as a path delimiter are now supported.
  • Added validation to ensure the Package ID is less than 260 characters.


Auto Packager 4.6.1907.24560 (released 15th July 2019)

  • Ignore redirections for paths with invalid XML characters.
  • Changes made to the file and registry trees in the Packager are now used when creating the Container.
  • A warning is shown if the computer runs out of disk space while creating a Container.
  • Fixed incorrect merging of environment variables for runtime analysis.
  • Fixed the Packager crashing if it detects invalid XML characters in the registry scan.

Auto Packager 4.6.1907.24581 (released 24th July 2019)

  • Fixed issue where Redirect Children option is still available in the registry edit screen, despite all children being redirected already.
  • Fixed issue of the Packager freezing caused by a lack of disk space for the initial scan.
  • Shortcuts that point to URLs are now ignored.

Container Editor

New Features

4.6.1907.1030 (released 15th July 2019)

  • Removed the Telemetry reporting mechanism.
  • Added validation for the Container ID.

Cloudhouse Containers

New Features

4.6.1907.1374 (released 15th July 2019)

  • Removed the Telemetry reporting mechanism from Containers.
  • Changed EULA hash algorithm to SHA-1.


4.6.1907.1379 (released 24th July 2019)

  • When updating or un-installing a Container, if a context menu DLL is in use by Windows Explorer then it is moved and marked for deletion.


Advisory 1

The Container Editor should only be used to update applications, file, and registry redirections on the same architecture the original Container was created on. For example, if the Container was created on an x86 machine, then the Container Editor must be run on an x86 machine to update the Container.

Anti-Virus Advisory

Remove any Runx.exe files (where “x” is a number), from the Container before deploying it. These files are only required if you need to create Universal Windows Platform (UWP)/MSIX packages of the Container. Anti-virus and malware scanners may flag these files as malware as they are unsigned and designed to run other executables.

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