What's new in Cloudhouse release 2001

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Applies to: AppAcceleratorV, Packager, and Cloudhouse Containers

27/09/2021 Cliff Hobbs   ID: 521065

Cloudhouse Release 2001 is available and contains the changes and new features summarised below.


New Features

AppAcceleratorV 4.6.2001.24888 (released 9th January 2020)

  • AAV log file now states whether the virtualised application requires elevated privileges or not.
  • Fixed crashes caused by incorrect behaviour when accessing object attributes.


AppAcceleratorV 4.6.2001.24888 (released 9th January 2020)

  • Resolved an issue with virtualised apps crashing if any redirections occur during the inject phase.

Auto Packager


Auto Packager 4.6.2001.25140 (released 7th January 2020)

  • Auto packager replaces special folders for expansion in environment variables
  • Fixed XML element spelling in default AAV config for packages
  • Fixed crash caused by scanning too many shortcuts on the runtime analysis page

Cloudhouse Containers

New Features

Container 4.6.2001.1708 (released 7th January 2020)

  • Checks for any processes running in the deployed Container before updating or uninstalling a Container.


Any detected processes are terminated.

  • Deployment stops if the package contains a service name that already exists on the deployment target

Container 4.6.2001.1768 (released 28th January 2020)

  • Uninstall defaults to machine deploy if "deploytype" flag not provided


Container 4.6.2001.1708 (released 7th January 2020)

  • Fixes issue where shortcut icons missing after deployment
  • Fixes issue where container fails to uninstall due to read-only files
  • Fixes issue uninstalling from add\remove programs entry


Advisory 1

The Container Editor should only be used to update applications, file, and registry redirections on the same architecture the original Container was created on. For example, if the Container was created on an x86 machine, then the Container Editor must be run on an x86 machine to update the Container.

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