What's new in Cloudhouse release 2009

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Applies to: AppAcceleratorV, Packager, Package Editor and Cloudhouse Containers

27/09/2021 Cliff Hobbs   ID: 596581

Cloudhouse Release 2009 is available and contains the changes and new features summarised below.


New Features

AppAcceleratorV 4.6.2009.26405 (released 7th September 2020)

  • Enable a VDI user to run a deployed container

AppAcceleratorV 4.6.2009.26631 (released 25th September 2020)

  • SpoofModuleLocation feature added
  • Write Protection bypass feature added in preparation for enabling write protection in packages


AppAcceleratorV 4.6.2009.26405 (released 7th September 2020)

  • AAV should not validate the start date of a licence

Auto Packager

New Features

Auto Packager 4.6.2009.26167 (released 17th September 2020)

  • Packaging summary page displays config files containing short paths

Package Editor

New Features

4.6.2009.1363 (released 17th September 2020)

  • Warnings generated if package contains short paths in config files


4.6.2008.1321 (released 1st September 2020)

  • Imports registry values with escaped '\' characters correctly
  • Parses DWords as hex instead of decimal when importing registry

Cloudhouse Containers


4.6.2009.2229 (released 17th September 2020)

  • Fixed bug where run logs did not write correctly if package contains services


Advisory 1

The Container Editor should only be used to update applications, file, and registry redirections on the same architecture the original Container was created on. For example, if the Container was created on an x86 machine, then the Container Editor must be run on an x86 machine to update the Container.

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